ZERO fees upfront to Learn Skills

Develop in-demand tech skills and pay only when you get a job

How it works

A rigorous learning program, designed to get you ready for the challenges of the industry in every way. The ideal applicant is one with grit, initiative and aptitude. We bring investment, knowledge, experience and professional guidance to the table. You bring a desire for exponential growth and lifelong learning.

What is an Income Share Agreement?

For our program, you don’t have to pay fees upfront. You start learning, get a job, and then pay the fees.

An Income Share Agreement allows you the freedom to learn first and earn before paying.

Once you get a high-paying job, you pay us 17% of your salary every month for 12 months.

Here's how an ISA helps you

An ISA is not a loan.

With an ISA, you graduate the program without debt and only pay a fraction of your salary once you get a job. With a loan, there is a principal amount, plus interest that adds up, regardless of whether you have a job.

Payments start only after you get a job.

Till you get a job, you don’t pay any fees. The fee payments are a 17% of your salary every month, for a fixed amount of time, unlike an EMI which is a fixed amount till the loan is repaid.

The payments are limited.

The monthly ISA payments go on for a maximum of 12 months; never beyond that. Another thing: your monthly payments will stop as soon as you reach the amount cap.

Feature Four

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% of your monthly salary
Maximum Payments
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Minimum Salary
% interest