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Introductory Certificates
Months 0-6
Build your first web app and get started with problem solving.
  • Master C++, Java while learning Data Structures.
  • Learn OOPS concepts
  • Build webapps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mysql.
Foundations Certificates
Months 6-12
Master building end to end applications
  • Learn Algorithms and advanced Data Structures
  • Internals of a database and OS/Networking
  • Build end to end web app 
  • Prepare for internships 
Career Intermediate Certificates
Months 12-18
Learn according to the course chosen
Career Capstone Certificates
Months 18-24
Solve a real world problem with a team and get ready to crack top tech jobs.
  • Real world Capstone project with a team
  • Top tech company interview prep

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